918 & the Widows Sons

918 Gets its Motor Running & Heads Out on the Highway


For 3 years now WBro Roy Charles BEM & Bro Dave Chessell expressed an interest to mix their love for motorcycling with Freemasonry, having learned about the Widows Sons in USA and UK.  It also became apparent that a WS Chapter was already in existence in Germany.   Contact was made to meet them, then came all restrictions because of Covid 19 and all meetings were suspended until further notice.  Earlier this year, as the pandemic numbers started dropping and meetings were once again being planned in that, WBro Roy Charles & Bro Dave Chessell again contacted the WS President to request to meet them with a view to becoming a member.  Of the German Chapter of the Widows Sons (WS)

WBro Dave Chessell & WBro Roy Charles being sworn in to Widows Sons Chapter Germany


Travelling up to Osteröde in the Harz Mountains, on a bright sunny weekend in June 2021, they met up with the President & members of the German WS Chapter in Germany for their initial interview.  After introducing themselves and answering questions put to them, the 918 Brothers were asked to leave while consideration of membership was discussed.     Later that evening they were both informed that they were to be accepted and welcomed into the WS Chapter.  The following morning they were given the patches for their leather vests (as uniformly worn by WS) and greeted again into the Chapter.  On this day there was to be an initiation into German Freemasonry whereupon a new brother into Freemasonry was initiated on the Square as an Entered Apprentice in the Lodge in Osteröde.

The Candidate is the owner of the Hotel where the WS meet in the Harz and through this connection decided to join Masonry. The WS do not have their own Lodge and are known as a “Travelling Lodge”, which meet several times a year in different Locations around Germany, any work to be done or visits to Lodges are normally hosted by a member’s mother Lodge however, they do attempt to meet in the same location at least once a year.

Bros Roy and Dave are now “Prospects” in the WS, which means they must now wait a full year before they get their “Full Patch” and are then recognised as fully-fledged members of the chapter.

While they wear identifying regalia, or patches, the WS are not a biker gang, Motorbike Club or 1% Club. They are required to represent the fraternity in a positive light at all times. The WS serve to raise money for charitable causes, mainly to support widows and orphans of deceased brother Freemasons, raise Masonic awareness while attending public motorcycling events and support our regular Lodges in whatever capacity where possible. WS chapters have helped to increase Masonic membership through presence and visibility during public motorcycle events and rallies.

WS are always looking to widen the membership by interviewing and accepting like-minded spirits who are Freemasons and fellow motorcyclists. 

To become a member you need to be a Master Mason of good standing in a regular Lodge and ride a motorbike of at least 500cc/ 50Bhp

For more information about joining please use the form on our Contacts page, get in touch with our Lodge Secretary