Freemasonry & Charity

Charity belongs to Freemasonry like the ritual and the accompanying harmony within our Brotherhood. Our Charity activities are dedicated towards kindergarten, orphanages, schools with handicapped children, … and this now for many decades.

Charity – no doubt – plays an important role in Freemasonry in general and in each and every Lodge in particular. Since his Initiation, every Freemason is aware that he is expected to be a charitable individual. But it is up to each individual what he contributes depending on his personal situation.

Brethren and friends of British Freemasons in Germany are requested to dig deep in their pockets and support every single Charity – the recipient will be most thankful. Please note that NO FEES (administrative) will be charged, that means every single donation will flow 100% towards its destination

Any Deserving Individual or Cause – Local or international

If any member believes a cause requires extra support or donation in any way , the Lodge will discuss each request individually and decide on how best it will or can help. If anyone who is not a member wishes support then we will happily listen to a request and help if and where we can.

Examples of the charities we support or have supported

Hexenhaus – Espelkamp – Frauenhaus, Womans Sanctury

The Hexenhaus is our primary charity of support, initially started as a charity that cares for women that arrive at all times of the day for assistance with their problems. They were escaping from an abusive relationship and need of urgent help to avoid any more physical and mental abuse by their partners. Now the charity offers that same help but to all people in critical/dangerous situations no matter what gender/sex they are.

Freundeskreis Ndolage

Ndolage is a hospital that was founded in 1928 by missionaries from the former Bethel Mission. Today it is run by the Lutheran Church of Tanzania. It enjoys a very good reputation in the Kagera region in north-west Tanzania for its services and specialised staff, as good medical care is in short supply here. There are not even 40 doctors for every 2 million inhabitants. In the hospital’s immediate catchment area, 65,000 people live scattered in many villages. Some of them have to walk for hours to get to the hospital.

For patients who cannot afford treatment, there is the PPF (Poor Patients Fund). This is a kind of financial pot especially for poor patients who cannot pay their bills. The focus is on subsidising the treatment of children. However, adults can also be included on a case-by-case basis.

Hospizbewegung Herford e.v

In Herford, the terminally ill and their relatives are accompanied on the final path of life by the staff of the Hospizbewegung Herford e. V.  The staff of the Hospizbewegung Herford   e. V. care for many in the Herford district. The need for support for relatives and the dying was once again demonstrated during the Corona pandemic. This and further information on the work of the Hospice Movement Herford, also in the supra-regional network, were discussed during the handover of the the latest donation of €4000 in Aug 2021, courtesy of Members of the Perfektionsloge “Leibniz”, the Masonic Lodges “Rose of Minden” and “Sapere Aude” and the (Freimaurerischen Hilfswerks) Masonic Relief Society.
Although there are arrangements with the health insurance companies, the Hospizbewegung Herford e. V. is heavily dependent on donations in order to maintain its high quality of end-of-life care.
Herford does not yet have its own hospice building, but the signs are good. Therefore, in the meantime, staff are currently working on an outpatient basis.
We are happy that we can support this important work for the people in the region.

Ronald McDonald Haus – Westkorso, Bad Oeynhausen, Minden-Lübbecke

Provides a place for families to call home so they can stay close by their hospitalised child at little to no cost.

Freund Waldorf Freiwilligendienste – International – Volunteer Foundation

A charity which helps young adult volunteers to travel all over the world to assist health support agencies and organisations in of all kinds in all manner of ways

Red Cross – International

Help anyone, anywhere in the UK and around the world, get the support they need if crisis strikes.

Haus Zurersicht Hospice – Bielefeld

Provides care and support for the terminally ill.

SSAFA – International

Relieves need, suffering and distress amongst the Armed Forces, veterans and their families in order to support their independence and dignity

Paderborn Dolphins U13 – Paderborn

Local American football team for under 13’s who rely on donations to keep running

& the list goes on and on………