WBro Roy Crockford now sits in the Chair of King Solomon

Saturday 18th November 2023 saw WBro Roy Crockford take the Chair of King Solomon after hard work of all the Rose of Minden’s Brethren put on an excellent installation.
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A new Lodge is consecrated within GLBFG

The Brothers of Hiram Lodge No.1101 is the first official motorcycle Freemasonry Lodge to be formed in Germany.

It was consecrated in Herford by the AGM RWBro Gary Wormald and officers of Grand Lodge of British Freemasonry Germany (GLBFG) on 15th July 2023 and was formed by 15 Founding members from within United Grand Lodges of Germany (VGLvD) and Luxemburg. A day which saw nearly 70 Brethren from across VGLvD, as well as visitors from Luxemburg, Bulgaria & Gibraltar attending the ceremony.

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WBro Thorsten Dunne installed and Rose of Minden
Celebrates its 50th Jubilee Nov 2022

WBro Thorsten Dunne takes his seat in the East and heads up a wonderful installation which also saw The Rose of Minden Lodge Nr 918 celebrate it’s 50th anniversary
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WBro Dave Chessell assumes the helm Nov 2021

WBro Dave Chessell on his installation as Worshipful Master of The Rose of Minden Lodge Nr.918

The Rose of Minden Lodge Nr.918 welcomes a new Worshipful Master WBro Dave Chessell into the Chair of King Solomon. Read more……..