We share our purpose built Lodge and rooms with 5 other resident Lodges.
The building itself was built in two phases by the architect and Freemason Wilhelm Köster(1860–1946). Started in 1906 and completed in 1907 with the second phase being finished 1924. From 1937 -1945 it was taken over by the Nazi Party where it was used as its district administration. It was returned to its rightful owners in 1946 where it has been the home of the 1899 founded German Lodge Zur Roten Erde ever since. It has been the home of The Rose of Minden Lodge since 1972.  The “Cellar” houses a convenient Bar and Restaurant, ideal for providing for festive boards and refreshments.

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We can be found:

Lodge House Logenplatz 2-4,
32052 Herford,

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For inquiries, information on fees, timings, applications for becoming a member or anything else for the good and benefit of The Rose of Minden Lodge Number 918 then please feel free to contact our Lodge Secretary via the form below.




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