Installation 2021


The Rose of Minden Under New Management

As Covid rules slightly relaxed and meetings were finally allowed to start taking place again, preparations for the annual installation were made.

The out going Worshipful Master (WM) WBro Dave Tasker did a sterling job in holding things together for the past 2 years and did an amazing amount of background work supporting charities, the Lodge and its members, making sure that no one was forgotten or left out. A huge thank you needs to be said for his dedication and determination in keeping things running during such a demanding period.

However, 2 years as WM  is a long time in any mans book and, as the current regulations permitted, it was time that the gavel was passed on. The Lodge unanimously voted, and heartily welcomes WBro Dave Chessell for the position, who didn’t flinch at the task of taking on King Soloman’s chair and making it his own.


WBro Dave Chessell on his installation as Worshipful Master of The Rose of Minden Lodge Nr.918

As it was unsure whether a physical installation was going to be able to take place due to the constant changing health regulations, many of the arrangements had to be left to the last minute. A great deal of work by WM Elect WBro Dave Chessell assisted by Director of Ceremonies WBro Roy Charles, Secretary VWBro Roddy Mackenzie and other Lodge members took place to get the day off the ground.

WBro Roy Charles did an outstanding job ensuring all those that were taking part in the ceremony were up to speed with what they had to do, say and where they had to be even right down to the last minute as positions had to be filled due to members having to drop out.

VWBro Roddy Mackenzie ran with plenty of the behind the scenes admin and in his usual comforting and calm way, persuaded members and visitors to be present (a task in its self considering the recent events of Covid), bring gifts for the raffle and plenty of money for the charity column and all this without loosing a smile or his mind.

On the day, even after incorporating strict Covid guidlines, everything ran smoothly (well almost), aside from a few little hiccups, the amount of pre-preparation paid off and the day went well. Plenty of visitors traveled far and wide to be there with special mentions going out to Junior Grand Warden VWBro Steve Shirley with other Grand Lodge officers representing Grand Master MWBro Jeremy Stevens of Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany and Bro ‘Obi’ Knoblauch, president of The Widows Sons Chapter of German Masonic motorbike riders.

WBro Dave Chessell is now firm in the seat and looking forward to (Covid allowing) a busy but enjoyable year.

More photos of the installation can be found on the Out & About page here